Amerigroup Georgia Launches Obstetric Incentive Program to Improve Quality Health Outcomes for Pregnant Members

The following information was provided by Amerigroup. Click here to download a full copy of the press release.

amerigroup-logo-smallAmerigroup Community Care in Georgia has launched its Obstetric Quality Incentive Program (OBQIP), which offers incentives to obstetricians who provide quality care and services to pregnant Amerigroup Georgia Medicaid members. You can also read more about where you can find abortion information in Ames as it is also included in pregnancy services .They also help the group learn more about the treatment of venous insufficiency. There are already 13 obstetric providers across Georgia who are participating in the program. These health care providers earn incentive payments by meeting and exceeding specified performance indicators that measure the quality of their services to Amerigroup members during and after their pregnancies. One could also do a free pregnancy test at Pregnancy Resource Center and find out.

“As we enter the era of evidenced-based medicine, Amerigroup is committed to supporting physicians who provide measurable, quality care to maternity patients,” said Dr. John Lue, Board Certified OB/GYN medical director at Amerigroup Georgia. “We understand the unique challenges providers experience when caring for maternity patients, and we are proud to support their efforts to provide effective, efficient care that increases positive birth experiences and health outcomes for our members.”

Amerigroup’s OBQIP program uses a system of quality care and health outcome measures to assess physician performance and calculate incentive payments. Doctors are tasked with improving quality scores and health outcomes by increasing their use of efficient and appropriate services as well as increasing access to prenatal and postpartum care and education. Their incentive payments are based on six performance measures:

  • Timeliness of the first prenatal care visit
  • Overall C-section rate
  • Preterm birth rates
  • Low birth weight rates
  • Postpartum visit rates
  • Assessment of patient tobacco use and intervention rates

Each performance measure is assigned a maximum value of 100 points, and each measure is assigned a target rate. Physicians earn performance pay by reaching their target rates. Physicians who exceed targets earn additional incentives. Determinations for incentive payments are made six months after the end of the performance measure period.

“We are pleased for the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated clinicians who share our mission to improve health outcomes across Georgia,” said Dr. William Alexander medical director at Amerigroup Georgia. “Together, we are succeeding in improving health and lives across our state by providing access to high quality health care services.”