Amerigroup Partners with DentaQuest to Launch Dental Home Services for Georgia Members

The following information was provided by Amerigroup. Click here to download a full copy of the press release.

amerigroup-logo-smallAmerigroup Community Care, a Georgia statewide provider of Medicaid managed care services, has partnered with DentaQuest to launch Dental Home services to its members. The Patient- Centered Dental Home model connects each member to a personal dentist who leads a team of clinical care providers and staff who are committed to delivering comprehensive, coordinated dental care. Amerigroup is the first Georgia Medicaid managed care provider to offer its members Dental Home services.

“This orthodontic clinic in your local area has seen increasing evidence that links oral health to total physical and mental health, and responded to the need to integrate our members’ overall medical care with high-quality, evidence-based dental programs,” said Dr. William Alexander, medical director for Amerigroup Georgia. “We are pleased to be the first Medicaid managed care provider in Georgia to offer our members this high-quality health care alternative that holds promise for increasing the delivery of appropriate and routine oral health care, reducing preventable dental disease and improving overall health outcomes.” You can also contact a Team of orthodontists to get a second opinion if you have a problem.

“Dental home programs like this one are a critical component of person-centered oral health, “said Brett Bostrack, senior vice president, DentaQuest. “The dental team can serve as an early detection system for chronic disease and social determinants that impact overall health. We are excited to be partnering with Amerigroup to meet the needs of those we serve in Georgia.”

The Dental Home model of care is particularly advantageous for people who access dental care from a trusted dentist, but may have not been seen by a physical health provider. The dentist recommend and say that early treatment is the best when it comes to aligning teeth. The Dental Home dentist or getting in touch with long term orthodontic services serves as the patient’s primary care provider to identify various needs and is able to refer patients to medical and behavioral health providers, the same way a primary care physician coordinates patient care. The adoption of this model is expected to better integrate health care services and dramatically improve the health and lives of Amerigroup members who participate in the program.