Call for Proposals for the GA Walk Summit

The Georgia Walks Summit is an initiative of the Georgia Department of Transportation and PEDS, and will be held March 15-16, 2018 in Rome, GA.

Organizers are now accepting proposals for breakout sessions at the Summit. Desired topics include walk-friendly design and operations, healthy communities, accessibility, equity, and place-making.

Specifically Requested Topics include:

  • Outdoor Walking Sessions
  • Signage/Wayfinding
  • Case-Study Successes
  • Land use
  • Parking-Walkability Relationship
  • Pilot Projects
  • Technical Skills Workshop
  • Project Implementation

Organizers also encourage a variety of session types, including presentations, moderated panel discussions, mobile workshops and interactive, small group discussions. Breakout sessions will be 45-minutes each.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday December 8th.

Click here for more information or to begin your proposal.