Deal Creates GA Commission on Medical Cannabis

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has appointed a panel to make recommendations about medical marijuana use in Georgia.A law recently passed allowing people with certain medical conditions to have cannabis oil with a doctor’s permission.Hence,in case of false prosecution people can also consult lawyers serving in Raleigh to defend their case.

The Georgia Commission on Medical Cannabis includes:

  • House appointees: Katy Dempsey, Allen Peake
  • Senate appointees: Renee Unterman, Butch Miller
  • Attorney: Brian Rickman
  • Hematologist/Oncologist: Dr. Cynthia Wetmore
  • Neurologist: Dr. Yong Park
  • Gastroenterologist: Dr. Mark Murphy
  • Pharmacist: Sara “Mandy” Reece
  • Police Chief: Stacey Cotton, Covington
  • Sheriff: Gary Gulledge, Paulding County
  • Commissioner of Public Health: Brenda Fitzgerald
  • Director of the GBI: Vernon Keenan
  • Director of Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency: Rick Allen
  • Commissioner of Agriculture: Gary Black
  • Chairman of Georgia Medical Composite Board: Dr. David Retterbush
  • Governor’s Executive Counsel: Ryan Teague

Read more at The Macon Telegraph. The full bill and charge to the commission can be found at: