Donations Needed for Silent Auction

GPHA will hold a silent auction during its upcoming conference, April 12-13, and is seeking donations of auction items. Auction proceeds will be donated to the James W. Alley Memorial Fund.

The Jim Alley scholarship fund was originally established to honor James W. Alley, MD, MPH. For seventeen years Dr. Alley served as the Director of the Division of Public Health of the State of Georgia. In the 1970’s during his tenure as State Health Director, Dr. Alley focused public health’s attention for the first time on chronic diseases that could be amenable to public health interventions and educations. Later he initiated analysis and interventions in areas such as infant mortality and how social factors play a role in morbidity and mortality.

Dr. Alley was also a staunch supporter of GPHA and recognized the value of health workers having an organization that could systematically encourage networking and continuing education. He also served a term as President of GPHA.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Lynn Thafvelin at or Dr. Bob Stolarick at