Dr. Priscilla Pemu, Director of Clinical Research Center at Morehouse School of Medicine, to Speak at GPHA Conference

GPHA is excited to announced that Dr. Priscilla Pemu, a Professor of Clinical Medicine; Associate Dean for Clinical Research and Director of the Clinical Research Center at Morehouse School of Medicine, will be a plenary speaker during the 2023 GPHA Annual Meeting and Conference on Jekyll Island.

Dr. Pemu is an internist whose goal is to improve the health of all patients similar to those that she encounters in her primary care practice. The complex interplay of patient, physician, practice setting, environmental and psychosocial factors in perpetuating disparities in health outcomes led to her interest and work with the Community Physicians Network. In the past 15 years, they have developed a successful partnership based on a shared vision for improved care and outcomes among minority and underserved patients with community physicians who are part of the Morehouse Community Physicians Network (CPN). The overall focus has been on identifying gaps in treatment and outcomes and opportunities for improvement. As Medical Director of the Community Physicians’ Network (CPN), Dr. Pemu is responsible for planning and executing research and quality improvement initiatives.

Dr. Pemu is part of a team at Morehouse School of Medicine that developed a system and method for chronic illness care that empowers patients to change behaviors relevant to their health through improved knowledge, support for goal setting and accountability in sustaining behavior change. She completed a residency with the TED organization in May 2019. As a participant in this highly selective incubator for breakthrough ideas, she introduced the concept of Culturally Congruent Coaching. Her TED Talk, featured as Editor’s choice on TED.com, shared the results of 12 years of research observations about what predicts successful health behavior change. The talk brings attention to the impact of behavior on health and wellbeing among people living with chronic illnesses and the doctors who care for them. She also discussed Culturally Congruent Coaching; a high-tech, high-touch approach to support behavior change that has produced great results among diverse patient groups.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Dr. Pemu is also a proud mother of four; wife to Igho of 27 years, a sister, friend and daughter.