Epidemiology Section

The Epidemiology Section fosters epidemiologic research and science-based public health practice. Its purpose is to help keep section members aware of the latest development and issues and to provide a means for those working in this area to network and interact with peers and to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge. Annual workshops and quarterly webinars are provided to develop job related skills. Each year, the section recognizes one of their peers with the Janet Stancliff Award for outstanding contributions in support of community epidemiologists throughout Georgia.


Chair -Amber Erickson
Vice Chair – Jessica Pavlick
Secretary – Kristina Lai

Epidemiology Section Webinars

Previous Webinar

The GPHA Epidemiology section presented a webinar in May of 2018 entitled “Fowl Play Holiday.” The webinar detailed a food-borne illness outbreak and investigation, and was presented by Melissa Hunter, MPH, Epidemiology and STD Program Director at the Rome Health District, and Hope Dishman, MPH, Outbreak Coordinator at Georgia Department of Public Health.

The webinar was recorded, and you can access the 23-minute recording by clicking the button below:

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Recording password: vCP6VJVq