GA Dept. of Community Health Adopts H1N1 Vaccine Reimbursement Plan

Please find the following notes from the November 12, 2009 Georgia Department of Community Health Meeting:

Comm. Medows reported:

DCH’s budget reviews with the Governor are now complete.
With regard to H1N1, 1.4 million dosages have been allocated to the various 18 health directors based on their projected needs. Medows reported that 4 million dosages would be needed to cover the targeted populations.

Board Action:

The Board adopted Regs. For Personal Care Homes. Clyde Reese noted that a full revision of personal care home regs. would be under taken in three or four months.

The Board adopted the H1Ni Influenza Vaccine Administration Reimbursement. (Download)

The Board adopted proposed changes in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Reimbursement.

The Board approved for public comments proposed Nursing Facility Special Ventilator-Dependent Reimbursement Rates.

The Board adopted a Resolution authorizing DCH to use cash reserves to pay SHBP claims.