Georgia General Assembly to Reconvene June 15

Following a three-month suspension due to COVID-19 concerns, the Georgia General Assembly is set to reconvene Monday, June 15th. In this week’s legislative report, our liaison Scott Maxwell outlines some of the steps the assembly will take to reduce the risk of virus transmission while the legislators are in session.

From the report:

“Lawmakers will endeavor to function in an environment of strict social distancing protocols with state representatives spread out on the House floor, visitors’ gallery and Appropriations hearing room. In the Senate, the Republican and Democratic caucuses have agreed to voluntarily minimize the number of their respective members on the floor at any one time. The presiding officers in each chamber have been given discretion to keep votes open until members have had time to walk from their offices to the floor. Interaction between legislators and the public will be minimized, with very little room for the public in hearing rooms.

“The House will live-stream floor debate, and all committee and subcommittee meetings. The Senate will live-stream floor debate and full committee meetings. Only 800 people will be allowed entry to the Capitol at one time, not counting members and staff. Temperature checks will be made at the entrance.”

The report includes information about last week’s election, as well as a look ahead as legislators consider numerous bills in the last 10 days of the session.

View the Legislative Report for the week ending 6.12.20