GPHA Nurses Urge Gov. to Create Separate Dept. of Public Health

The nurses of the Georgia Public Health Association are urging Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to support the creation of a separate Department of Public Health. Patricia A. Townley, Chair of the GPHA Nursing Section, recently sent a letter to Gov. Perdue, thanking him for his past contributions to public health nurses, and asking for his continued commitment to improvements in public health.

? Download the GPHA Nursing Section letter to Gov. Sonny Perdue

The creation of a stand-alone Public Health agency has been endorsed by GPHA, the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and others, as a way to better serve the public health needs of the citizens of Georgia. Governor Sonny Perdue formed a Health and Human Resources Task Force in February to explore options for reorganizing the Department of Human Resources.

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