Health Information/Information Technology Section

Misson Statement: 

To promote the exchange of information, ideas, and methods that enhance the utility of public health data, analysis, planning, and policy development.

Guiding Principles: 

We value public health information assets, analyses, and presentations that are accessible, relevant, accurate, understandable and consistent. We value evidence-based policy development. We value interdisciplinary collaboration.

Areas of section discussion include: 

  • Criteria for a valid and reliable indicator.
  • Robust parameters of public health importance.
  • Practical examples of applying information to guide policy.
  • Methods/templates to efficiently define business/information requirements for use in design of information systems development.
  • Training and/or practical examples of new information manipulation tools.
  • Best practices for developing reliable community profiles.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to health assessment including geography and GIS, demography, and epidemiology.


  • Chair – Zynith Robinson
  • Vice Chair – Betty McCall
  • Secretary – Unsona Tate

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