HHS Allocates $250 Million to Expand Primary Care Workforce

From the American Hospital Association: The Department of Health and Human Services recently allocated $250 million in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act funds to train new primary care providers.

Part of $500 million included in the PPACA for prevention and public health in fiscal year 2010, the allocation includes:

  • $168 million to train more than 500 primary care physicians by 2015; $32 million to train more than 600 physician assistants;
  • $30 million to transition more than 600 part-time nursing students to full-time;
  • $15 million for 10 nurse-managed health clinics in medically underserved communities;
  • $5 million to help states plan and implement strategies to expand their primary care workforce by 10%-25% over 10 years.

“With these health care workforce investments, we have a unique opportunity to further strengthen our primary care workforce for the future,” said Mary Wakefield, administrator of HHS’ Health Resources and Services Administration.

Read the HHS official announcement.