Highlights from Sept. Meeting of the House Rural Development Council

The Georgia House Rural Development Council met on September 6-7 in Metter, GA for a conference focusing on rural healthcare. There is a video from the conference that is available to the public and may be of interest to GPHA members. The full video that was made by this video production company is about 10 hours long, but our legislative liaison Scott Maxwell separated the presentations so you can more easily view the ones of interest to you.

The video can be accessed at this link:

It is divided into Part I and Part II. In addition, the slide presentations used by each presenter are located at the same link if you prefer to review the information as slides.

Sept. 6 — Day 1 (but second on the list)

  • Jean Sumner, Dean, Mercer School of Medicine: Starts at 37:25. There is also information about a public health residency program at 51:55.
  • David Hess, Dean, Medical College of Georgia: Starts at 1:24:00
  • GA Partnership for Telehealth: Starts at 2:03:00
  • Denise Kornegay, Ex. Dir. AHECs: Starts at 2:41:20, providing statistics and projections about the health workforce
  • Chuck Adams, Exec. V.P., GA Hospital Assn.: Starts at 3:25.50, providing statistics on hospitals’ payor mix.
  • Julie Windom and Dr. Kent, Navicent/Stratus: Starts at 3:54:15
  • Courtney Terwillinger, EMS: Starts at 4:19:40
  • Chad Black, Community Paramedicine: Starts at 4:42:35

Sept. 7 — Day 2, but click on Part I

  • Pat O’Neal, Comm of Dept. of Public Health: Starts at 11:55, discusses Enterprise System Modernization at 27:00; Telehealth at 29:38; Top 3 Priorities at 40:00; Question about PH Departments’ Open Hours at 56.20
  • Charles Owens, GA Southern University: Starts at 1:29:25 with information on rural health
  • Monty Veazy, GA Alliance of Comm. Hospitals: Starts at 2:40:00; Talks about CON at 2:55:15
  • Georgia Health Care Association: Starts at 3:19:40 and offers statistics on long term care and nursing homes

Day 2 — Part II

  • GA Nursing Association: Starts at 4:30
  • PharmD on Demand: Starts at 37.45