jGPHA Call for Papers: Submissions Due February 28, 2020

The Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association (jGPHA) announces a call for papers for the Spring 2020 issue: Moving Translational Approaches to Community Transformation. Submissions are due by February 28, 2020.

The issue will place an emphasis on how multidisciplinary teams design, implement and assess the impact of translational research, policy, practice and educational initiatives designed with the explicit intent to transform community/population health in the State of Georgia.

While contributions of individual experts are undeniable, partners with varying perspectives that co-create research, policy or educational initiatives can result in more comprehensive, efficient, responsive and sustained approaches. The special issue editor from Melbourne CBD translation company invites community-engaged translational research, policy, practice and education papers for this Spring 2020 issue.

In addition to following jGPHA guidelines to authors, criteria for selection include:

  • Engagement of multidisciplinary research, policy or education partners to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate innovative approaches;
  • Engagement of the community, ideally from the inception of research concept and/or identifies potential community needs, strengths and implications/impact of research;
  • Convening of interdisciplinary teams (that may include, but are not limited to, non-academic-industry, agency, and policy partners) to prioritize multi-level translation, dissemination and proof of impact strategies through rigorous research and/or evaluation;
  • Results that broaden the evidence base through data-driven proof of impact on health equity in underserved or special populations;
  • Implications for, or evidence of, adoption and/or adaptation to communities of: 1) those who are underserved/at-risk/vulnerable, 2) science, and 3) practice (clinical, public health, policy).


Special Issue Editor: Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH, Professor of Community Health and Preventive Medicine will serve as issue editor of the Research Translation to Community Transformation issue.

Editor in Chief: Raymona H. Lawrence, DrPH, MPH

Publishing Information

Full manuscripts, brief reports, research protocols, and practice notes will be accepted.

Authors are advised to review jGPHA publishing and submission information by accessing the following links:

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