Join the "Generation Public Health" Movement!

The Georgia Public Health Association is proud to support Generation Public Health, an initiative to encourage change for better health in all our communities.

The research is clear – Americans perform poorly on most measures of health compared to other high-income countries.

  • We rank 34th in life expectancy.
  • We have the highest rates of infant mortality and low birthweight.
  • We have the highest obesity rate across all age groups.
  • We have a higher risk of death from lung and heart disease.

Generation Public Health is an initiative launched by the American Public Health Association (APHA). The APHA believes everyone has the right to good health, and that change will only happen if we work together to make healthier choices.

Join the movement of Generation Public Health today! You can get involved by:

  • Learning more about the health outcomes of Americans
  • Sharing this information in your community
  • Signing up for a newsletter and get ideas and support
  • Sending a letter to Congress
  • Signing a pledge to create the healthiest nation in one generation.

Do all of these things and more – click here to become part of the Generation Public Health movement today!