Legislative Report for Feb. 24

Scott Maxwell, legislative liaison for GPHA, provides weekly reports on activity concerning public health throughout the state legislative session. Click here to read his report for the week ending Feb. 24, 2017.

These are some of the public health bills included in the report:

  • HB 28, Test for lead contamination in drinking water, public and private schools, (Rep. Billy Mitchell-D)
  • HB 38, Issuance of license for three-wheeled motor vehicle, (Rep. Alan Powell-R)
  • HB 198, Requires schools to provide info about the influenza vaccine to parents of 6-12 students, (Rep. Katie Dempsey-R)
  • HB 200, Authorizing students to carry and self-administer sunscreen, (Rep. Mark Newton-R)
  • HB 210, Certain specimen collection stations and blood banks aren’t considered clinical labs, (Rep. Jodi Lott-R)
  • HB 241, Cove’s Law, (Rep. Lee Hawkins-R)
  • HB 263, Provide dental services for Medicaid recipients and PeachCare for Kids, (Rep. Darlene Taylor-R)
  • HB 274, Makes smoking inside of any motor vehicle when a person under 13 is present an offense, (Rep. Sandra Scott-D)
  • HB 382, Georgia Commission on Women, (Rep. Jimmy Pruett-R)
  • HB 405, Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, (Rep. Bill Hitchens-R)
  • HB 454, Publicly funded health facilities offering HIV testing, (Rep. Park Cannon-D)
  • SB 81, Jeffrey Dallas Gay, Jr., Act., (Sen. Renee Unterman-R)
  • SB 88, ‘Narcotic Treatment Programs Enforcement Act’, (Sen. Jeff Mullis-R)
  • SB 184, Integrated Population Health Data Project, (Sen. Chuck Hufstetler-R)
  • SB 193, Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program, (Sen. Renee Unterman-R)
  • SB 200, Synchronizing patients’ chronic medications, (Sen. Chuck Hufstetler-R)
  • SB 245, ‘Cory Joseph Wilson Act’, (Sen. Butch Miller-R)