Legislative Report for March 1, 2019

The current Georgia legislative session is nearing a critical milestone: this coming Thursday is “crossover day.” Any bill that has not passed out of its house of origin and “crossed over” to the other house by this date will be taken out of consideration until next year.

Our legislative liaison Scott Maxwell of Mathews & Maxwell is following the progress of several public health bills, including:

  • HB 17, Smoking inside vehicle when person under 13 is present; provide for offense (Rep. Sandra Scott-D)
  • HB 160, Bariatric Pilot Program (Rep. Katie Dempsey-R)
  • HB 187, To provide a pilot program for treatment and management of obesity (Rep. Katie Dempsey-R)
  • HB 214, Relating to vaccine protocol agreements (Rep. Ron Stephens-R)
  • HB 217, Provides that employees and agents of syringe services programs are not subject to certain offenses relating to hypodermic syringes and needles (Rep. Houston Gaines-R)
  • HB 264, Persons promoting or opposing any matter regarding the EMSC Program are subject to transparency and lobbyist disclosure laws (Rep. Bill Werkheiser-R)
  • HB 328, Regulation and permittance of body artists and body art studios (Rep. Karen Mathiak-R)
  • HB 369, Development of an educational fact sheet that provides information concerning the use and misuse of opioid drugs for youth athletes prescribed an opiod for a sport-related injury (Rep. David Wilkerson-D)
  • HB 416, Create the State Vaccine Consumer Protection Office (Rep. Rick Williams-R)
  • HB 442, Grant program to encourage certain physicians to practice in underserved areas of the state (Rep. Kim Schofield-D)
  • HB 477, Public swimming pools; exempt pools located in condominium complexes (Rep. Ron Stephens-R)
  • HB 521, Temporary licenses for dentists licensed in other states to provide dental care to indigent populations in this state (Rep. Houston Gaines-R) People can also consult dentist rexburg to sort out any kind of issues related to oral health.
  • SB 115, “Medical Practice Act of the State of Georgia”; telemedicine licenses for physicians in other states; engage in the practice of medicine with patients in this state through telemedicine (Sen. Renee Unterman-R)
  • SB 118, Georgia Telemedicine Act; modernize; Telemedicine Act the Telehealth Act (Sen. Renee Unterman-R)
  • SB 199, Testing of drinking water in child care learning centers and schools for lead contamination (Sen. Nikema Williams-D)
  • SB 226, Use of safety belts in passenger vehicles (Sen. Randy Robertson-R)
  • SR 263, Senate Emergency Medical Services Study Committee (Sen. Jeff Mullis-R)
  • SR 264, Joint Emergency Medical Services Study Committee (Sen. Jeff Mullis-R)

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