Legislative Report for March 4

Last Monday, February 29th was Crossover Day in the Georgia capitol, meaning any bills that did not make it out of their original chambers would not be considered during this legislative session.

Some of the public health bills still being considered include:

  • HB 119, AIDS Disclosure
  • HB 219, Exempt Certain Private Swimming Pools from Inspection and Licensing
  • HB 362, Prescribing Albuteral Sulfate for Schools
  • HB 649, Georgia Lactation Consultant Practice Act
  • HB 726, Excise Tax; Tobacco Products; Clarify Certain Charges
  • HB 853, Coverdale-Murphy Act
  • HB 859, Authorize Certain Weapons on Postsecondary Education Property
  • HB 885, Repeal Statute; Counties to Create a County Board of Health and Wellness
  • HB 902, Influenza Disease Education in Assisted Living Communities
  • HB 905, Courts and Child Abuse
  • HB 919, Approve Rural Health Care Organizations
  • HB 1058, Revise Various Statutes Relating to HIV and AIDS
  • SB 34, Immunity if Rescuing Child in Motor Vehicle
  • SB 35, Penalty Leaving Child in Certain Motor Vehicles
  • SB 130, Bans Smoking in Vehicle with a Passenger Under 15

The following public health bills did not cross chambers by the crossover day deadline, and will not be considered this year: 

  • HB 15, Regulation of Fireworks
  • HB 53, HIV Test Consent
  • HB 105, Meningococcal Disease Vaccinations and Disclosures
  • HB 111, Advertising on School Buses
  • HB 129, Public Water Fluoride Removal
  • HB 155, Requiring Vaccine Registration by Those Who Administer Them
  • HB 391, Exempt Sales Tax for Certain Nonprofit Health Centers
  • HB 774, Regulation of Fireworks and Local Government Provisions
  • HB 834, Establish Charity Healthcare Organizations for the Uninsured
  • HB 873, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act
  • HB 907, Tobacco and Vapor Pens Sale and Possession by Minors
  • HB 997, Deduction for Certain Physicians, Nurses, and Physician Assistants
  • SB 29, Firefighters and Occupational Diseases
  • SB 32, State Employee Election of Coverage Under Different Administrator
  • SB 41, Georgia Family Planning Initiative
  • SB 43, Provide Employee Breast Feeding Time
  • SB 55, Immunity When Rescuing Child in Motor Vehicle

Click here to download Maxwell’s full report for the week ending March 4, 2016.