Legislative Session Begins; Budgetary Goals Outlined

The 2023 Georgia legislative session began January 9th, and the first week included inauguration ceremonies, the Inaugural Ball, and the swearing in of officers. Governor Brian Kemp outlined his budget goals on Friday.

From our GPHA Legislative Liaison Scott Maxwell:

“(Kemp) is proposing $2,000 raises for school teachers and state employees, along with $1.1 billion to increase the state’s Quality Basic Education (QBE) funding formula and $61 million to ensure the HOPE scholarship pays 100% of tuition costs. In addition, he is proposing a one-time $1.1 billion tax relief grant for homeowners who pay property taxes to local governments, complemented by a $1 billion state income tax rebate. The tax relief would come from a huge $6.6 billion budget surplus the state has accrued in recent years. As promised, Kemp’s budget also puts $1.1 billion of surplus funds back into GDoT’s coffers in FY 23 to replace the taxes lost when he suspended Georgia’s 29-cent per gallon excise tax on motor fuels for nine months. The move will keep state highway construction on schedule.”

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