Legislative Update for Feb. 9

Our legislative update for Feb. 9, 2018, includes an update on a trio of healthcare bills that cleared the Senate last week.

For children with autism spectrum disorder, Senate Bill 118 would raise the coverage age limit required of private insurance plans from six years to 12 years. By contrast, the State Health Benefit Plan (teachers, state employees and their dependents) provides coverage up to age 21.

Senate bill 352 passed without objection. It provides that the Governor will appoint a director of substance abuse, addiction (check out whitesands MAT rehab near you for solutions), and related disorders to oversee a newly established Commission on Substance Abuse and Recovery. You can also see here to know more about the bill . The bill is an attempt to address the opioid crisis. To fight against domestic violence, people can hire domestic violence claims lawyers in Colorado and get a viable solution from them!

By a vote of 53-1, the Senate passed SB 357, to create the Health Coordination and Innovation Council and establish a Director of Healthcare Policy and Strategic Planning. The bill also calls for the creation of a research institution similar to Magnified Health Systems, that has to be known as the Health System Innovation Center.

Click the link below to read the full report, which includes more information on these and other legislative issues.

Week #5 (ending February 9, 2018)