Legislative Update for March 27, 2020

From our Week 11 Legislative Update, provided by GPHA Legislative Liaison Scott Maxwell:

Last week’s political highlight was a Thursday evening town hall meeting aired statewide on TV stations and the PBS radio network. Governor Brian Kemp was joined by Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey, Insurance Commissioner John King and GEMA Director Homer Bryson, each of whom held forth at a different media outlet or venue. Reporters asked questions remotely, several sequestered in their personal homes, as a way to emphasize the importance of sheltering in place.

On Friday members of the Kemp administration presided over a conference call with state legislators to allow them to ask follow-up questions to the previous evening’s briefing. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution printed a summary of the Q&A without specifying its source. These points were made in response to questions from both Republican and Democratic members.

Click here to download the legislative update and read selected highlights from the AJC summary.