Safety and Health Preparedness Section

The purpose of the Safety and Health Preparedness Section is to provide a forum for the GPHA Safety and Health Preparedness Section to support local, district, and state public health in integrating Public Health (PH) safety and disaster preparedness into all of public health and to address issues and ideas which go beyond the grant deliverables.

Activities to support our mission including the following:

  • Building Emergency Preparedness awareness through GPHA
  • Building stronger collaborations with the District and the State Emergency Preparedness colleagues
  • Building partnerships with all Public Health District staff and the DHEARTs
  • Informing individual PH programs on how to plan for continuity of operations when their programs are impacted or interrupted during emergencies/disasters
  • Improving internal communications and situational awareness within PH
  • Providing a district/state forum within Emergency Preparedness and Response to share best practices and lessons learned; e.g. by sharing and comparing After Action Reports(AARs) to identify commonalities and differences
  • Integrating this section with other GPHA working sections

Section Chair: Xavier Crockett

Vice Chair: Todd Wyckoff

Secretary: Catina Lumpkin

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