Submit an Abstract for GDPH Health System Symposium

The Georgia Department of Public Health is accepting abstracts for posters and break-out sessions for the upcoming Health System Symposium to be held May 13-14, 2019 in Savannah. The symposium theme is “Bridging Health and Healthcare to Achieve Health Equity and Total Population Health.”

There will be 3 abstract categories: (1) 15-minute abstracts for pop-up talks at various times on 5/13 and 5/14; (2) 15-minute abstracts for interactive dialog peer-panels; and (3) 20-minute abstracts for peer-engagement breakout sessions.

Submission Deadline: Friday, February 15, 2019

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Session Formats

Pop-Up Talks – A pop-Up talk is a 15-minute presentation in the style of a TED talk – that is, a talk focused on getting across large, well-articulated ideas in a limited time. The pop-up talks will feature 2-3 speakers and are meant to be interesting discussions. Pop-Up Talks should enliven the symposium by focusing on great ideas and/or best practice that may have “popped up” while working to support in the field. We encourage you to think creatively to invite attendees in new directions.

Submissions should be a simple narrative—of no more than 200 words—that explains the purpose of the pop-up talk, the intended audience, and how the session will proceed. Students are encouraged to apply.

Interactive Dialog Panel – 60 minute panels with 3 speakers and a moderator
10 minute brief presentation on your work/research then guided questions from moderator and audience.

Peer Engagement Break-out Session – 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes.

Poster Session – During the poster presentations, Authors will hold discussions with attendees who are circulating among the poster boards.

Sessions must fit one of the below priority topics.
• Developing creative approaches outside of Health Systems to address Health Equity (Social Determinants of Health; Community)
• Integrating Mental Health and Health Systems to address Population Health
• Working with Special populations to address Health Outcomes (Adolescents, Elderly, Individuals w/ disabilities, Non-English population, Immigrants, Prisoners, etc.)
• Training Opportunity (DSME, DPP, Health Policy, Health Equity, etc.)

As well as fit one of the presentation criteria:
• Research (research question with scientific data, methods, results and conclusion)
• Programmatic (program development or services established)

Submission Site

The submission site requires the following information listed below. We recommend that you review the required information prior to beginning your submission. Once you begin your abstract submission, you must submit the abstract after all parts are completed, as you are not able to return to the site or save your work during or afterwards.

Abstract Type
• Poster
• Presentation (will be prompted to select pop-up talk, interactive dialog panel, or peer engagement breakout session)

Session Title should be 100 characters or less. Georgia DPH reserves the right to adjust session titles.

• Contact information: Name, email address
• Professional Information: Title/Position, Company/Organization, Credentials
• Role: Primary presenter, co-presenter, Collaborating Partner
• Other: Briefly describe your professional experience or areas of expertise

• Priority: Select Priority Topic Area poster/presentation will be addressing
• Description of Presentation: Maximum of 200 words.
• Objectives: List three objectives that you want the participants to achieve by the end of the session

How to Submit Your Abstract

Follow the link below to submit your abstract. All fields are required for your abstract submission to be complete. You will be contacted if your submission is missing any required information.

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