Webinars Available Through Walden University

The Walden University School of Health Sciences is offering several free webinars, and many of them qualify for continuing education credits.

Understanding Mental Illness

May 23, 2019 11:00am CST – 12:00pm CST

Presenter: Nicoletta Alexander

Mental illness is an extensive array of disorders that affect an individual’s mood, thinking, feelings, and behavior. Approximately one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness. The Healthy People 2020, Mental Health and Mental Disorders goal, is to “improve mental health through prevention and by ensuring access to appropriate, quality mental health services.” This is important because mental disorders are among the most common causes of disability and account for the highest disease burden of all diseases. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illnesses are common in the U.S., with tens of millions of individuals affected annually. In spite of this, many do not know and/or understand key facts about mental health and mental illness. This presentation will provide an overview of different mental conditions that vary in degree of severity.

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Credit Link: https://waldenuniversitycne.rievent.com/a/CULBZV
CEU Credit: 1 CHES, 1 MCHES, 1 CPH

Prevention Under Attack

June 20, 2019 11:00am CST – 12:00pm CST

Presenter: Bruce Ragon

This webinar will attempt to paint a portrait of how the confluence of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and media have put “prevention under attack” in America. The result of this attack impacts a populace with declining health literacy levels that can only be described as Below Basic, meaning an inability to adhere to treatment, low-engagement in health promotion behavior, and low up-take of prevention health services. In many cases this segment of the population lacks the ability to read, interpret, and understand health messages, treatment options, and health instructions. Complicating this situation is the relentless mainstream media messaging of pharmaceuticals, for all aliments, and the constantly repeated mantra of “talk to your doctor” as the best management for any, and all health issues. The relentless media messaging, coupled with the lack of health literacy, have placed the concept of prevention in a most precarious position. Prevention relies on the population to have a level of self-efficacy, and the desire to make behavioral changes to promote health and prevent disease. But such action relies on a locus of control that enables positive health decision making in the absence of fear and with sufficient information to make sound decisions. Prevention is under attack, and it is being literally run over, by a model that is well funded and profit driven. Its complicated, so let’s break it down!

Registration Link: http://chs-csbs.adobeconnect.com/eru5wg2p3zkt/event/registration.html

Credit Link: https://waldenuniversitycne.rievent.com/a/MMQUEO
CEU Credit: 1 CHES, 1 MCHES, 1 CPH

Building Resilience: Implications for students and school health educators

June 5, 2019 11:30am CST – 12:30pm CST

Presenter: Yitza Arcelay-Rojas

The increase in cases of children and young people with a variety of mental and emotional problems suggests a broad responsibility for health promotion planners, all teaching staff, and school health educators. Children are exposed to situations that are an obstacle to healthy development. This situation requires the development of interventions aimed to create living conditions and environments which promote healthy lifestyles. The entire environment of relationships should also be devoted to a healthy development. Likewise, the concept of resiliency promotion represents a contemporary paradigm that promotes the development of various protective factors which can improve interventions and its positive outcomes. The presentation also explores the role of school health teachers in fostering activities that encourage learners’ resilience.

Webinar Link: http://chs-csbs.adobeconnect.com/hepsum19/

Credit Link: https://waldenuniversitycne.rievent.com/a/HMSDCU
CEU Credit: 1 CHES, 1 MCHES, 1 CPH

Research Publishing Considerations and Improving Your Success

July 16, 2019 11:30 – 1:00

Presenter: Lori Dewald, EdD, ATC, MCHES®, F-AAHE

This webinar presentation will be a primer on how to improve your chances of getting your research published in a quality peer reviewed journal. Covered is: (1) where to find quality peer reviewed journals; (2) avoiding predatory journals; (3) choosing the right journal for your research; (4) preparing the manuscript; (5) the process that a manuscript goes through with the journal from the time it is submitted, to the peer reviews, to the decision, and if the manuscript is accepted for publication; (6) the publishing process (and the authors are involved in the publishing process!); and (7) how to become a peer reviewer and what is expected of a peer reviewer.

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Credit Link: https://waldenuniversitycne.rievent.com/a/UEWRSI
CEU Credit: 1.5 CHES, 1.5 MCHES, 1.5 CPH

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