jGPHA – Vol. 5, No. 3

196 Winning the obesity battle
Daniel S. Blumenthal

197 Addressing childhood obesity in Georgia: Past, present, and future
Debra L Kibbe, Emily Anne Vall, Christine Green, Brenda F. Fitzgerald, Karen J. Minyard, and Kelly Cornett

204 Adapting a physical activity intervention for youth in a rural area: A case study
Moya L. Alfonso, Gavin Golquitt, Ashley Walker, and Akrati Gupta

212 Context matters: A community-based study of urban minority parents’ views on child health
Cassandra L. Bolar, Natalie Hernandez, Tabia Henry Akintobi, Calvin McAllister, Aneeqah S. Ferguson, Latrice Rollins, Glenda Wrenn, Martha Okafor, David Collins and Thomas Clem

220 A review of community-based participatory research studies to promote physical activity among African Americans
Steven S. Coughlin and Selina A. Smith

228 The need for culturally-tailored smartphone applications for weight control
Steven S. Coughlin, Dale Hardy, and Lee S. Caplan

233 Gender disparities in weight gain among offenders who are obese upon entering correctional facilities Madison L. Gates, Nancy C. Webb, Rebecca Stone, Darra Ballance, and Wonsuk Yoo

240 Evaluation of a diabetes prevention program for rural citizens
Barbara B. Kawulich, Diana Mindrila, and Gina Brandenburg

250 The relationship between food deserts, farmers’ markets and food assistance in Georgia census tracts
Andrea M. Brace, Todd L. Matthews, Bobbi Finkelstein, and Daniela Beall

259 Factors associated with body mass index among African American breast cancer survivors
Selina A. Smith, Mechelle D. Claridy, Mary S. Whitehead, Joyce Q. Sheats, Wonsuk Yoo, Ernest Alema-Mensah, Benjamin E. Ansa, and Ronald L. Braithwaite

266 Growing Fit: Georgia’s model for engaging early care environments in preventing childhood obesity
Kelsey McDavid, Catalina Piedrahita, Patricia Hashima, Emily Anne Vall, Christi Kay, and Jean O’Connor

274 The association between obesity, depression, and anxiety: Evidence from a community health needs assessment survey
Grace Bagwell Adams and Angela Murcia

279 A quantile regression approach to measuring the educational effect on body mass index
Dakshina G. De Silva, Bradley T. Ewing, Catherine P. Slade, and Mark A. Thompson

287 287-293 Weight status and satisfaction with
Saswat Panda, Koichiro Otani, and Janani R. Thapa