jGPHA – Vol. 5, No. 4

Page # / Title

294 The two Georgias: Disparities in rural health and healthcare
Gary D. Nelson doi:10.21663/jgpha.5.401

297 Georgia’s rural hospital closures: The common- good approach to ethical decision-making Randi G. Bastian, Marcus Garner, John S. Barron, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, and William A. Mase doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.417

304 A systematic review of lifestyle interventions for chronic diseases in rural communities
Selina A. Smith and Benjamin Ansa doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.404

314 Georgia Latino enrollment in the Affordable Care Act: A qualitative, key informant analysis
Audrey McCulloch and Dabney P. Evans doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.403

324 Demographic and socioeconomic factors associated with HPV vaccination in Georgia’s South Central Health District
Sydney Ekeledo, Candace Best, Stephanie Norman, Jodi Bazemore, and Jessica Smith Schwind doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.406

332 Characteristics of rural users of emergency medical services in Georgia: A population-based study
Nannette Turner, Huey Chen, and Liliana Morosanu doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.408

339 Human papillomavirus-associated cancers in Georgia, 2008-2012
Irene Solomon, Chrissy McNamara, and A. Rana Bayakly doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.411

349 A comparison of hospital utilization in urban and rural areas of South Carolina
Vivian G. Dicks doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.414

353 Implementation and evaluation of the Carrera Program for delaying teen sex in Georgia
Tressa Tucker and Mary Langley doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.407

360 Using the Exercise is Medicine® on Campus platform to assess college students’ practice of physical activity in a rural setting
Bridget Melton, Jazmin A. Williamson, Helen Bland, and Jian Zhang doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.402

365 Leveraging university-community partnerships in rural Georgia: A community health needs assessment template for hospitals
Ayanna Robinson, Sabrina T. Cherry, Michelle Elliott, Marsha Davis, and Grace Bagwell Adams doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.409

373 Engaging rural Georgians in Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-mandated community health needs assessments
Raymona H. Lawrence, Dziyana Nazaruk, Marie Denis-Luque, and Stuart Tedders doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.415

380 Capital and technical assistance needs of Georgia’s health-related nonprofits: An exploratory study
Jerry B. Daniel and Cherysh Green-Caldwell doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.416

387 Improving rural access to care: Recommendations for Georgia’s health care safety net
Karen Minyard, Chris Parker, and John Butts doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.412

397 Quality Rated childcare programs and social determinants of health in rural and non-rural Georgia
Nancy C. Webb and Madison L. Gates doi: 10.21663/jgpha.5.413