jGPHA – Vol. 5, No. 1


1 Using our voices-and using our science Johanna M. Hinman


2 Legislative smoking bans for reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and smoking prevalence: Opportunities for Georgians Steven S. Coughlin, Jennifer Anderson, and Selina A. Smith

Sellers-McCroan Lecture

8 Ebola: Working through fear Brenda Fitzgerald

Conference Keynote

10 Unveiling the mysteries of palliative care Jennifer Currin-McCulloch and Karen Terry

Report from the Field

11 86TH Annual Georgia Public Health Association Meeting & Conference Report Selina A. Smith, Regina Abbott, and Christy Sims

Conference Abstracts

16 Association between air temperature and heart disease death rates in Georgia counties
John Hart

17 Promoting policy and environmental change in faith-based organizations: Organizational level findings from a mini grants program April Hermstad, Kimberly R. Jacob Arriola, Shauna St. Clair, Sally Honeycutt, Michelle L. Carvalho, Sabrina T. Cherry, Tamara Davis, Sheritta Frazier, Cam Escoffery, and Michelle C. Kegler

18 Substance use-related brief interventions with emergency department patients reduce mental health co-morbidities Aaron Johnson and Amanda J. Abraham

19 Variations in public health governance Jeff Jones, Ankit Bangar, Patrick Chang, and Yelena Tarasenko

20 Georgia Carrera teenage pregnancy prevention program: A story of success! Mary Langley and Alice Jackson

21 Understanding the role of social norms in organ donation decision making among African American adults Briana M. Lucido

22 A multisite evaluation of pediatric asthma-related treatment in accordance to the 2007 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Expert Panel Report — 3 guidelines Emeka Oraka, Brittani Robinson, Trevor Ousley, Francesca Lopez, LeRoy Graham

23 Impact of 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic on mortality rates in Savannah, GA, and implications for future epidemic prevention Sara S. Plaspohl and Betty T. Dixon

24 Venomous spiders of the southeastern US: An unexpected threat Alex Collins and Oreta Samples

25 Spiritual health: The often-overlooked dimension of health Clarence E. Riley, Jr., Peter Imoyera, Oreta Samples
and Gregory Green

26 Nonprofit hospitals and community health needs assessments Beth Stephens

27 Evaluation results of an innovative pilot program to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Cobb County, GA Rebecca C. Woodruff, Rebecca Shipley, Agnes F. Brown, Anne-Marie Coleman, Jennifer Munoz, Sally Honeycutt, April K. Hermstad, Lorna Loh, Michelle C. Kegler

28 Patient-centered outcomes for GoStrong: A self-management diabetes program in Savannah, GA Frances M. Yang, Lizann Roberts, Bionca Davis, Angela Christianson

Research and Practice

29 Surviving HIV and dying for a smoke: Implications for tobacco use among people living with HIV Rachel Culbreth, Jane Kelly, David Maggio, Pascale M. Wortley, Cherie Drenzek

33 E-cigarette use among undergraduate liberal arts and health sciences students: A study protocol Vivian G. Dicks and Rebecca B. Stone

45 The role of perception in developing healthy lifestyles and community engagement Anne Marie Coleman, Anne Hicks-Coolick, and Agnes F. Brown

52 Community-based participatory research principles for the African American community Selina A. Smith, Mary S. Whitehead, Joyce Q. Sheats, Benjamin E. Ansa, Steven S. Coughlin, and Daniel S. Blumenthal

57 Immunization policies for employees of childcare facilities within the North Central Health District of Georgia Paula Kamara, Brad Lian, Jimmie H. Smith, and Judy McChargue

70 The state of accreditation readiness in Georgia: A case study ?Angela Peden, Gulzar H. Shah, Russell Toal, Dayna S. Alexander, Alesha Wright, Ashton ?Anderson, Nandi A. Marshall, Scott Uhlich, Jeffery A. Jone

82 Childhood cancer incidence in Georgia: Descriptive epidemiology, geographic trends, and disparities in insurance coverage, and health care access Florence A. Kanu, Sara Wagner Robb, and Rosemary Corriero

96 Trends in cancer incidence rates in Georgia, 1982-2011 Wonsuk Yoo, Steven S. Coughlin, James W. Lillard

101 Tapping the “town and gown” potential for correctional health research collaborations Madison L. Gates, Michelle Staples-Horne, Nancy C. Webb, Ronald L. Braithwaite, and Beverly Hastings

106 Advocating for pregnant women in prison: Georgia can do better Nancy Webb and Madison Gates

109 The care continuum for people living with HIV in Georgia: How can we raise the bar? Jane Kelly, Deepali Rane, Pascale Wortley, and C. Drenzek

116 Perceptions of HIV/AIDS testing among urban and rural African American church members
Roblena E. Walker

126 Reflections on mental health advocacy across differing ecological levels
Nancy J. Thompson, Robin E. McGee, Leslie C. Munoz, and Elizabeth R. Walker

135 Increased perception of mosquito problems during a stormwater restoration project
Rosmarie Kelly