jGPHA – Vol. 5, No. 2

139 Dealing with West Nile Virus: Evaluate, re-evaluate, respond
Rosmarie Kelly

140 Racial and socioeconomic disparities in melanoma incidence rates in Georgia: 2000-2011
MaryBeth Culp, Sara Wagner Robb, A. Rana Bayakly, and John E. Vena

149 Promoting colorectal cancer screening among Haitian Americans
Steven S. Coughlin, Erica I. Lubetkin, Jennifer L. Hay, Renald Raphael, and Selina A. Smith

153 Impact of the Georgia Charitable Care Network on cost savings from lowering blood pressure and decreasing emergency department use
Phaedra Corso, Rebecca Walcott, and Justin Ingels

160 Missed opportunities for diagnosing HIV via routine screening in an inner- city primary care clinic
Abigail Hankin, Sara Turbow, Jennifer Spicer, Heather Freiman, Bijal Shah, and Natasha Travis

165 Evaluation of food access and food security concerns among public health housing residents
Cheryl L. R. Gaddis, Brad Lian, Nicole Watts, and Leontyne Thompson

170 Use of geographical information systems to identify counties in Georgia with high risk for childhood lead poisoning
R. Christopher Rustin, Christy Kuriatnyk, Byron Lobsinger, and Simone Charles

177 Social and behavioral implications of National Collegiate Athletic Association sickle cell trait screening: The athletes’ perspective
Raymona H. Lawrence, Alison Scott, Carlton Haywood Jr., Kayin Robinson, and Mondi Mason

184 Differences in health literacy knowledge and experiences among senior nursing students
Sharon S. Williamson and Joanne Chopak-Foss

191 Sexual health education in Georgia: A role for reducing sexually transmitted infections among adolescents
Madison L. Gates, Veronica Walker, and Nancy C. Webb