jGPHA – Vol. 6, No. 1

Page # / Title


1 Understanding public health: Research, evidence, and practice
Johanna M. Hinman
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.202

Sellers-McCroan Lecture
3 Reducing and eliminating health disparities through prevention and public health
Daniel S. Blumenthal
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.201

Plenary Sessions
7 Evidence to practice: Using data to see the faces of those we serve
David A. Ross
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.203

9 The evidence for and from accreditation
Kaye Bender
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.205

12 Perinatal health and school trajectories
Bryan L. Williams, Arianne B. Weldon, Brenda Fitzgerald, and Fran Gary
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.204

Conference Report
13 87th Annual Georgia Public Health Association Meeting & Conference Report
Dianne McWethy, Regina Abbott, Christy Sims, Brian Morgan, Nicholle Harrison, Angie Peden, and David Gowan
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.206

Conference Abstracts
20 Attitude towards research among undergraduate nursing students
Anunay Bhattacharya and Marian M. Tabi
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.002

21 Nicotine poisoning trends in Georgia
Oluwayomi Fabayo, Alina Chung, Ray Kenneth, and Jean O’Connor
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.003

22 Partnership approach to establishing tobacco-free colleges and universities in Georgia
Anne-Marie L. Coleman, Kenneth Ray, Kia Toodle, Alina Chung, and Jean O’Connor
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.004

23 Local youth groups in Georgia working towards policy, systems, and environmental changes
Anne-Marie L. Coleman, Kenneth Ray, Kia Toodle, Alina Chung, and Jean O’Connor
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.005

24 Evidence-based strategies identified to increase access to oral health services to promote a healthier lifestyle
Breyana D. Davis and Sara S. Plaspohl
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.006

25 A Central Georgia asthma prevalence assessment of school-age children and compliance with Senate Bill 472
Cheryl L. R. Gaddis and Jimmie Smith
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.007

26 Collecting physiological stress measures in research among high-risk parents for child maltreatment: A qualitative investigation
Ashwini Tiwari, Shannon Self-Brown, Charles Robinson, Colleen McCarty, and Laura Carruth
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.008

27 Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing in Georgia
Adrienne Lefevre, Michelle C. Kegler, Bennett McDonald, Lily Liang, and Regine Haardo?erfer
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.009

28 Bridging the gap between local public health and the healthcare community: The public health talk
Puja Bharucha and Rachel Franklin
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.010

29 The effectiveness of text message reminder- recalls on Human Papilloma Virus vaccination coverage in Georgia
Tamira M. Moon, Nicolle Dally, Ben Sloat, Kia Bryant, and Sherrionda L. Grady
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.011

30 Assessment of early intervention services to better child outcomes among Part C infants and toddlers
Brendan Ibe, Tiffany Fowles, Seema Csukas, Jackie Conner, Grace Kelley, Donna Johnson, Cynthia Bryant, and Michelle Allen
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.012

31 A cross sectional study of mostly African- American men examining mental health and child behavior
Matt C. Jackson, Melissa Cowart-Osborne, and Shannon Self-Brown
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.013

32 Public Health for Young Adults Day: Recruiting the next generation
Mary-Kate Pung, Nicholas Williams, Rachel Kirkland, Angie Peden, and Ashley Walker
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.014

33 Domestic violence intervention for Latino families: Baseline program evaluation data
Jacque-Corey Cormier, Nancy Nava, Charmaine Mora, and Rebecca Rodriguez
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.015

34 The influence of Georgia’s Quality Rated System on school readiness in pre-school children
Dena Phillips and Nancy C. Webb
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.016

35 Psychotropic medications, weight gain and chronic diseases in a correctional setting: Impact on women’s health
Madison L. Gates, Elizabeth Ferguson, Thad Wilkins, Darra Balance, and Wonsuk Yoo
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.017

36 Meeting the public health workforce’s training priorities in Georgia and the southeast
Laura M. Lloyd, Melissa Alperin, Michelle L. Carvalho, and Kathleen R. Miner
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.018

37 A region-wide field placement program built on the foundation of mentorship and professionalism
Michelle L. Carvalho, Laura M. Lloyd, Melissa Alperin, and Kathleen R. Miner
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.019

38 Hepatitis C and injection drug use: Testing and linkage to care
Marie Sutton, Cole G. Youngner, and Winona J. Holloway
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.020

39 Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data for monitoring cancer trends
Wonsuk Yoo and Steven S Coughlin
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.021


Original Research
40 Community preparedness: Expanding existing partnerships with academia to build resilience through experiential learning
Nina Cleveland and Mark Palen
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.104

45 The effect of a nutrition intervention on parents living in a rural Georgia community
Regina Elliott-Walker, Dawn M. Hayes, Emeka Oraka, Rashunda Lewis, and Andre Leon
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.106

Qualitative Research
50 Formative research to develop a lifestyle application (app) for African American breast cancer survivors
Selina A. Smith, Mary S. Whitehead, Joyce Q. Sheats, Brittney Fontenot, Ernest Alema-Mensah, and Benjamin Ansa
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.103

60 Assessing the cultural appropriateness of UPLIFT for African Americans with epilepsy: A community engaged approach
Josalin J. Hunter-Jones, April L. Nellum, Elizabeth I. Olorundare, Candace C. McCloud, Matthew D. McCurdy, Robin E. McGee, Contessa M. Davis, Nancy J. Thompson and Rakale C. Quarells
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.105

Observational Research
70 New recreational water quality criteria and their impact on beach advisories in Coastal Georgia
Asli Aslan and Sara Benevente
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.102

Brief Reports
76 Engaging African Americans in developing an intervention to reduce breast cancer recurrence: A brief report
Selina A. Smith, Mary S. Whitehead, Joyce Q. Sheats, Brittney Fontenot, Ernest Alema-Mensah, and Benjamin Ansa
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.120

80 Local efforts toward addressing health disparities in DeKalb County, Georgia
April Hermstad, Erikka Gilliam, Sedessie Spivey, and Zipatly Mendoza
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.121

89 Fulfilling community health assessment requirements: Lessons learned from facilitating state-wide community health forums
Ashley Walker, Angela Peden, Stuart H. Tedders, John S. Barron, Aaron Jackson, Nicholas Williams, Bethrand Ugwu
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.122

93 Syphilis in Georgia, 2009-2014
Kathryn Moore, MPH, Leonardo Parker, BS, and Joy Wells
doi: 10.21633/jgpha.6.123