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GA Legislative Session Ends: Final Update

The GA General Assembly session closed on March 29. Some of the highlights in our latest report include information on a new Rural Health Innovation Center to be established, along with a Health Coordination and Innovation Council.

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Legislative Updates for March 23

The Georgia legislative session is drawing to a close, with adjournment expected by midnight on Thursday of this week. This legislative report provides updates on the final full week of activity, as major pieces of legislation were being sculpted into their near-final formulation.

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Environmental Health Webinar April 3

On April 3 from 1-2 pm, the American Public Health Association and the Environmental Health Coalition will present a webinar entitled “Exploring the ‘Environmental Health Playbook:’ Safe Drinking Water, Healthy Housing and Clean Air.”

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Legislative Update for March 16, 2018

In our Legislative Update for Week 10, ending March 16, we’ve seen significant progress by bills representing the work of both House and Senate study committees on rural Georgia. Get info on these and other bills we’re following in our latest legislative update.

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Crossover Day: An Important Legislative Milestone

The General Assembly cleared a significant milestone last Wednesday, voting on more than 100 bills and resolutions on crossover day. Bills that did not pass at least one house by close of business on crossover day are dead, unless their language is added to another bill via amendment or substitution.

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Movement on Tobacco Bills in GA Legislature

Our latest Legislative Update includes details about progress on two tobacco bills being considered by Georgia legislators. One bill would cut the tax rate for “modified risk tobacco products.” The other bill involves permits to sell tobacco at special events or temporary locations.

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