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Dr. Kathleen Toomey Named DPH Commissioner

Dr. Kathleen Toomey is now Georgia’s top public health official, after Governor Brian Kemp named her Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health. Dr. Toomey is an Honorary member of the Georgia Public Health Association, and the 2005 winner of GPHA’s prestigious Sellers McCroan Award.

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March 15 Legislative Update

In our latest legislative report we learn a bit more about the fate of a several new bills, including a new voting machine system in Georgia, term limits for the Lt. Governor, and an update on SB 118 regarding telehealth services in Georgia.

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Crossover Day Has Passed; Some Bills Stranded as Others Advance

The Georgia legislative session has advanced beyond “Crossover Day,” the deadline by which a bill must have passed at least one chamber or be stranded until next year. Our legislative update outlines the status of bills involving public health as well as other issues, including HB 83. This bill mandates at least 30 minutes of supervised, but unstructured recess daily for schoolchildren in grades K-5, and passed the House by an overwhelming margin.

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Legislative Report for March 1, 2019

The current Georgia legislative session is nearing a critical milestone: this coming Thursday is “crossover day.” Any bill that has not passed out of its house of origin and “crossed over” to the other house by this date will be taken out of consideration until next year.

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Legislative Update: Budget, Telemedicine and Tattoos

Friday marked the halfway point of the current Georgia legislative session, and also saw passage of the Fiscal Year 2019 Amended Budget. This week’s legislative update also includes information on a bill to update the language regarding tattoo parlors, and a bill to extend telemedicine licenses to more doctors.

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Submit an Abstract for GDPH Health System Symposium

The Georgia Department of Public Health is accepting abstracts for posters and break-out sessions for the upcoming Health System Symposium to be held May 13-14, 2019 in Savannah. The symposium theme is “Bridging Health and Healthcare to Achieve Health Equity and Total Population Health.” Submission Deadline: Friday, February 15, 2019

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GPHA Celebrates 90 Years!

Georgia Public Health Association (GPHA) is celebrating ninety years of existence this year. Each month we’ll share a “GPHA 90 Years of Milestone Moments,” telling the story of us. Read on for our first Milestone Moment from GPHA Member Christy Sims.

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